"Hopeless is the best way to describe how I felt before I began my nutrition coaching with Donna Schuller.  After our first session, I realized that she is very knowledgeable and passionate about nutrition and she is one of the most compassionate and caring people I have ever met. Donna reminded me to ask for God's help and to pray daily about my goals; and that it is OK to be gentle on myself.  She looked at the whole picture including my family and work life, and it was a huge  relief to have a plan that is not only smart and sensible, but enjoyable and is leading to personal success for me.  How do I feel now?  I feel Peaceful and enjoy living a healthy life! Donna is truly a special blessing and I highly recommend her to anybody who wants to achieve good mental and physical health.  The changes in your life will be amazing!"
 Dana-Seattle, Washington, August 14, 2012

“Donna is one of those people whose passion for people shows in her work and life. Whether she is speaking, writing or working one-on-one with a client, it's easy to see why she has been so successful. Donna knows how to reach people where they are and coach and encourage them. Her work has made a difference in the lives of many.” July 4, 2012
  Paul Ladd, Senior Correspondent and Director of Listener Response, World Christian Broadcasting
“I have had the pleasure of knowing Donna Schuller for 15 years. She is an inspirational leader, an outstanding speaker, as well as an authentic person. She speaks and leads from the heart about her passions in health and fitness. Her spiritual devotion is completely sincere and she has always been ready to help others in any way possible. She is articulate and intelligent, well informed and on the cutting edge of issues in health and fitness. Her blogs are motivating and encouraging as she shares wisdom and insight concerning various life events. I highly recommend her!” June 28, 2012
 Jolene Riley, Owner, Open Door Music, LLC
“There are numerous sources throughout the various social networks for personal coaching and nutritional advice and therapies. Unfortunately so many of them today tend to be oriented more to the New Age movement and caution should be exercised when choosing the right person in which to connect.
By choosing Donna Schuller as your mentor, you can feel confident that you are selecting an individual whose direction in improving your life situation will be Christ Centered. For success in any endeavor which you might have, this focus is crucial to live a healthy and fulfilled life!” June 26, 2012
 Dave Icenhower, MPA, CMRP, FACHE, Independent Business Owner, HealthNation LLC
“Donna Schuller is a woman of high intelligence and values. She is an asset to any individual seeking her consultation or advice. She is well networked throughout the world and is a global partner to many organizations. I have personally experienced her involvement with the less fortunate in South Africa when she was part of a team that provided wheel chairs to all ages of individuals unable to walk.
Donna is an outstanding public speaker, engaging and warm.” June 25, 2012
 Mary Miyata, Founder and Executive Director, Children's AIDS Art Programme
“Donna is an amazing person and is extremely gifted. She improves whatever she touches and sets a high standard of excellence.” June 21, 2012
 Chris Presley, Sr Director, Domain Head, Newegg.com
“I have known Donna, personally, for over 20 years. She is a kind and honest person and is an extremely knowledgable health professional. She, also, "practices what she preaches", taking extremely good care of herslf. I would recommend Donna to anyone, as a friend, nutritionist, coach, pastor or any other relationship.” June 21, 2012
 William Bennett, Lead Pastor, Evening Service, Crystal Cathedral Ministries
“Donna and I worked together while both were at the Crystal Cathedral. As well I worked with Donna when two of her four children got married. We also have worked together on a women's talk show, 'Eve's Five' and a couple of informational products. We have a great working relationship and I would recommend her highly as a nutritionist, blogger and coach, She has a way of encouraging you to be all you can be!” June 19, 2012
 Dr. Kim Kimpel, Founder/CEO The Christmas 365 Project
“I have had the pleasure of knowing Donna Schuller for over 25 years. If there is anyone who can pull from life experiences, learn, grow and mentor from them, it's Donna. From her life around fitness and nutrition to the spiritual side as a coach and speaker, Donna call pull from her own experiences and teach us all. A well rounded spritual educator, writer and humanitarian....we call all take a lesson and learn from Donna's teachings and example. Donna is empowering, articulate and someone who's life examples and educational history we can all learn from.” June 19, 2012
Heidi A. Miller, Founder and CEO, TIGHT ASSETS
“Donna is an extremely realistic, wise and very warm person who relates to people in ways that makes one feel relaxed, assured and a dear friend. She speaks clearly and concisely. Donna has a deep care for humankind and for those around the world in need of assistance.” June 18, 2012
 Byron Barth, Office & Plant Manager, Robert Tall & Associates, Inc., San Dimas CA
“Donna is a well-rounded person that can do anything she sets her mind to.
I highly recommend her as a coach and speaker.” June 18, 2012
 Carlyne Graves, Owner, LasVegasWeddings.com
“Donna is a person on integrity, compassion and motivation. Having known of her work for the past four plus years, I have found her to be a caring person of faith. Her work is appreciated.” June 18, 2012
 Rev. Dr. Michael Layne, Bishop, Diocese of East Indiana, Lutheran Orthodox Church
“Donna is a caring, insightful and strong leader. She has unique life experience that has accelerated the wisdom that she brings to people and to situations.” June 18, 2012
 Rick Linamen, executive pastor, venture church
“Donna knows and understands nutrition and health better than anyone I know, especially when it comes to women's health. Her professional ability to relay her knowledge is remarkable and incredibly sincere! Donna has a heart of gold and it shows!” June 18, 2012
Gina jaha, Photographer, Jaha Photography
“Radiant dynamo describes Donna Schuller. She's what is right about Christianity because she walks the talk.” June 18, 2012
 Laura Clemens, Student, New Mexico
“Donna Schuller is a resilient and innovative leader, able to make progress even in adverse circumstances. Her ability to stay focused on the main goal makes her valuable to any effort.” June 18, 2012
 Shirley Roddy, Dean of Academic Scholarship, Mid-America Christian University
“In the world today, one will often find people who create success for themselves. Every once in a while, you will find that special person who creates success for others. Donna Schuler is such a person. Her capacity and vision to transend the average is remarkabke. I am honored to recommend Donna as the comsumate professional who is skilled expert in the health and wellness field- John E. Lang” June 17, 2012
 John E. Lang, President/CEO, RadicalWealth Institute
“I have known Donna Schuller for more than 8 years now. She is an incredbly inspiring person who has a profound knowledge of the importance of sound nutricion as a basis for physical and mental health.
She has a great personality and can motivate people through personal communication as well as through her television appearances.
Her coaching support is based on her strong Christian faith which leads and supports us - giving us strength in difficult times and overflowing us with joy and peace throughout our life.
I gladly recommend her as a personal coach for people who desire good mental and physical condition and who want professional and honest support to achieve this.” June 17, 2012
 Bill Holler, Chairman of the Board, DIN NL - German Institute for Aeronautic Standardization
“Donna has a passion for health that has the rare combination of tenaciousness ( in seek out the best the health industry has to offer), high ethical standards combined with an affable personality that is down to earth and easy to work with.” June 17, 2012
Jackie Gordon, Owner, Jackie Gordon, LMFT


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Donna Schuller for going on 25 years. She and Robert were not only my wife's and my spiritual leaders, but mentors as well. Donna is an incredible woman of God and I am honored to be her friend. She is an incredible teacher, leader, coach and mentor. She is more concerned with your success than hers, and if you follow her guidance you will be successful. I am honored to recommend Donna as a nutritionist, coach, mentor and spiritual leader.” June 22, 2012
 Lynndel "Lynn" Edgington, Founder/CEO, Eagle Consultants International